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Gallery Ornamentum, Hudson, USA. The exhibition «Conv3sations» brought together three European jewelers, Ute Eitzenhofer, Estela Sàez and Gemma Draper. Each playing distinct but related roles […] they shared a geographic, cultural and pedagogical context. While «Conv3sations» was not directly related to the artist experiences of Idar oberstein, it is nonetheless a common influence in these three individual voices.

[…] «Nowhere in Between» consist of compound planar constructions in oxidized silver that unapologetically divulge their solders seams. Sàez effectively uses such construction methods as an impetus for dialogue about degrees of creative mastery. Most engaging of these are the rough-cut fluorite and aquamarine slabs that are unusually joined together seemingly under simple tension or perhaps with well deployed invisible adhesive, which act as visual components within a larger structure of matte black planes.[…] Larger brooches, like Self Portrait, are wining meditations on self-reflection, protection and emptiness.
-Kerianne Quick- 
(Metalsmith Magazine March 2nd 2013)