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HOW ART Museum in Shanghai, will host the TRIPLE PARADE Biennial with opening 19th OCT 2018, a prestigious international exhibition holding the success spirit and high qualified soul as a good mediator between East and West. Out of 446 applications of a total from 23 countries. The decision has been made difficultly based on the balance of evaluation criteria: 1.Concept & Method. 2. Artistic Quality. 3. Design & Innovation ( in the sense that it updates tradition of jewellery ) 4. Innovative on Material and Others. 5.Craftsmanship. Honorable, 89 artists and designers has been selected to take part of 4th TRIPLE PARADE Biennial «Core Section” ,. The exhibition will be host at HOW ART MUSEUM in shanghai 

This year, TRIPLE PARADE comes to the FOURTH celebration by the theme – DIALOGUE across the past, the present, the future. The event program (exhibition, symposium, workshop, publication, lecture series) will happen in Museum in SHANGHAI in China, during the period of the world-class 12th Shanghai Art Biennial and Shanghai International Design Week. The works of Estela Saez are selected for the event.