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Gallery Ornamentum, Hudson, USA. The exhibition “kushari” brings together two European jewelers, Ulrich Reithofer and  Estela Sàez. Both artists, spent time together working in Egypt from 2013 to 2016. Each playing distinct but related roles, they shared a geographic, cultural and pedagogical context. 2013 saw the birth of the DSAF, a contemporary jewelry design school in Egypt- the first school of its kind in the Middle East.  It is there that Estela Saez became director and Ulrich Reithofer Instructor / Artist In Residence and it is where both artists’ bodies of work found influence during tumultuous years of change and unrest.

Kushari is the fusion of two approaches to working that shared a monumental experience in Egypt. The work, besides fulfilling the need for expression, is a small tribute to this land (and its people) that we discovered together, but often because of our genders, from quite different perspectives.

exhibition opening
Saturday May 25, 6 – 8 pm