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Tamagit is a unique cultural project connected to the city of Barcelona which aims at giving value to artwork of contemporary jewelry artists who transform their legacy with their own vital experience. These artists reflect on reality and art and find their “identity”through creation.

Tamagit wants to present each artist’s personal project. Moreover, we are interested in documenting it, explaining it, disseminating it. This is why we can only focus on jewelry born out of a story which is being transformed into a concept and finally shaped in the artist’s atelier. Those artists are aware of tradition and they translate it into contemporaneity. Those artists face concerns, doubts and at the same time they feel the power of creation in their own skin. We believe that this is the only way in which material can and has to gain value in order to become a unique piece of artistic jewelry, an authentic artwork that transcends its material value

Watch full interview to Estela Saez here